CAT Ok now this sparks of consipracy, even creepy, AMAZING

NYSE:CAT   Caterpillar, Inc
I have been comparing this present day to either 2008 and 2011, and on the fence as to which one it is more similar to. Just now, I noticed something. The failed gap to fill, which begins the neckline FOR BOTH 2008 AND NOW IS THE EXACT SAME NUMBER 92.48. Check it out for yourself. Conspiracy, creepy, amazing, call it what you want, through out your notes, this IHS is happening, period. And I am changing my future expectation of the IHS and afterglow to up, rather then down, to a double top as in 2012, but that's really guessing it, I admit. Still, just look at it. The only difference is the pivot point of the previous triangle, in relation to the IHS neckline. Which means my CAT Jan 2015, 80 put options look good. And wait for the left shoulder to form, then sell and buy calls to the neckline. Its gonna take a lot to convince otherwise. SO WE WATCH, TO SEE IF WE CONFIRM THIS WEEK THIS THEORY PLAYS OUT, AND THROUGH THE SANTA CLAUS RALLY AND FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY.