Cup and Handle Inverse H&S

AMEX:CBOE   Cboe Global Markets, Inc
Pattern valid after long entry level..

Price is close to handle low..

Mid cup is 92.37

Pattern invalidated if handle low reaches down below mid cup level

Cup low is 77.62..

Cup depth is 29.43..

Yearly high is 127.93..
Long term high is 138.54..

Inverse Head and Shoulders LS is at 85 Head is at 77.6 Rs 84.65 Neckline 94.27/Long entry with a break of the neckline in an uptrend/Targets T1: 104.5 107.35 T2: 115.4 121.3

Not a recommendation
Comment: Support at mid cup and handle low...Guess there are 2 ways to get in here with the inverse H&S and the C&H. Seeming like a lower risk trade compared to many that are out there I guess..but just guessing (o: