The pros look at 1300 candles or higher for their giant trends

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Hello everyone! Hope you are all well!

In PhiCube methodology, we study the relative behavior of fractals separated by a factor of 4.236 (Phi raised to the third power - Phi Cubed = PhiCube).

If we consider a single cande as the smallest technical entity on a chart,, we can begin to derive our fractals:

1 candle x 4.236 = 4 candles (rounded) (the baby)
4 candles x 4.236 = 17 candles (the teenager)
17 candles x 4.236 = 72 candles (the parent)
72 candles x 4.236 = 305 candles (the Sumo)
305 candles x 4.236 = 1292 candles (the Giant)

We need three fractals moving the in the same direction for a trend.

Any adjacent fractals moving in opposite directions is a consolidation of the larger fractal.

But, we NEVER look at more than 3 fractals, as the smallest 4th fractal is just noise in that scenario. (Think about it....the fourth fractal is 72 times smaller than the largest...less than's just noise).

You novices want to understand why you're losing money with candlestick patterns? It's just noise.

If you want to ride a massive trrend, it needs a Sumo or a Giant behind it.

Cocoa futures is a perfect example.

Look for a bounce and a test of the highs whem price touches the 305 ema in blue.

It works on any ticker or timeframe. In future posts I will show you how to use this concept for massive downtrends.

Try it!

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