Dow drops once again #48 (CFX)

NYSE:CFX   Colfax Corporation
This idea has potential due to the bearish gaps in the (Red Circles) Always the same principle Support becomes Resistance
(Red Arrows= Resistance) (Blue Arrows= Support)
This is a Swing Trade that can become in a Position Trade if the price drops below the Support line in 25.00
For a swing trade the target is above 25.00.
This a bet about the future this is for speculators who assume the risk of the unknown,
This is for short sellers who want to make money due to current market conditions
Is not a Bear Market, but the Major Indexes are weak and a Trader can take advantage of this situation
The reason I always post ideas with the same principle Support Resistance / Price Action, is because is a Fact
I'm not predicting I only pointing out what is happening now in front of my eyes and the trader act consequently with the Facts
I am a Stock picker and I select stocks based in current market conditions this is also called Discretionary Analysis
and is very different than Quantitative/Statistical Analysis,
This does not mean that my Analysis is better is not a comparison about who is better, No.
The trader need to know your personality in order to know which Analysis fits with your skills.