CHK has a high profit potential of 30% and above.

Perhaps CHK shares may not give a bad gain to the deposit. What we have: the convergence of MACD on almost all TF, from the watch to the daily TF, there is also a convergence along the CCI . The volumes were very large last time when we tested $ 1.5 and went from there to $ 8, there is certainly a chance that we still need to drop by $ 1.5, so I will try the following:

Option 1: deferred at $ 1.9 purchase (point on the daily line chart, which can be double bottom for formation), stop 4-5%, Profit 1 - $ 2.38 (28%) - there are these Fibonacci levels and the middle of the channel BB
Profit 2 - $ 2.87 (50%) - $ 3 is a serious level with a large number of orders; it will not be easy to pass + 38% Fibonacci from falling from $ 5

Option 2: wait for the test $ 1.5, better with a consolidation above, since the test is already the second time we can fly by $ 0.7, it is dangerous to get up postponed

Trade active: Opened a position 1.9$
Trade active: Well go, stop moving on $ 2.1
Trade closed: target reached: Profit +11%