Before talking about any cryptoactive or altscoins, you have to know the state of the Bitcoin cycle, because the entire market depends on its behavior. Doing a brief technical analysis we can see that Bitcoin is currently trying to recover from a correction of -55.89% counting from its ATH: 64,895.22 USD to its ATL: 28,600.00 USD (using BITSTAMP as a reference price). Currently Bitcoin surpassed the EMA200 in daily candles which is a strong indication that it is resuming its uptrend which is enough to be able to take a look at alternative currencies such as Chiliz.

In the following graph we can see the CHZ / USDT pair in daily candles, we can see that Chiliz is in an accumulation phase within the second triangle since the middle of May, which is a strong indication that if the residence of said pattern is broken chartists we can see a takeoff of the price towards 32.20% fibo which is located at $ 0.476 giving us a profit of 83.83% of our entry. However, this is a medium-term scenario since everything depends on the fundamentals of bitcoin if they will allow the market to continue growing, if so, a deeper analysis could be done looking for 161% fibo of this trend in an ATH at 1.41 $ approximately. Again and insisting that everything depends on the trend of bitcoin since without it it is almost impossible to have a bullish analysis against the dollar in any alternative currency.