one more attempt :]

NASDAQ:CLSK   CleanSpark, Inc
W2 algo target sits at 9.78.
W3 pt: 76.70

Little back story - I initially got into CLSK at $2, and I rode it up all the way to $40+. Back then I had no idea what Elliott Wave Theory was, so I was simply ready to hold on forever, with no real exit strategy.
My mentor at the time presented a beautiful chart to me, wish i could post it here... Dm me for it. He predicted, from the highs, that clsk would drop to $10. I didn't believe him, but I took a leap of faith and exited my position for a 1600% profit due to his profound level of experience. CLSK has been tanking ever since, and I have been studying EWT every single moment of my waking days thanks to him.

As we approach our target, I am excited for the next Clean Spark bull run ♥

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