$COCP Short Articles Published Drowned out by FACTS PPS Rises

NASDAQ:COCP   Cocrystal Pharma, Inc
03-06-2020, 3.5 Million Share Institutional Buy-In tells only a snippet of the overall story with this dream stock.

To get the real grasp of what we have here, look to my previous post and take in this analogy as deeply as possible:

In the Coronavirus Market: $COCP is to Treatment what $IBIO is to Vaccines or what $OPK is to Testing.

$COCP has completed all the financing and funding needed with two public offerings recently and are now aggressively pursing the development of Novel Anitiviral Compounds for treatment of any Corona infections including COVID-19

They have exclusive patent rights to the treatment and are in the process of advancing it quickly through a preclinical trial program.

Shorts will continue to write articles to downplay these facts as much as possible because the stock has a HUGE short position