Marijuana how deep is your love?)

NASDAQ:CRON   Cronos Group Inc. Common Share
The crazy growth of the cannabis sector is amazing, X's in a short amount of time). Will there be a repeat of the history of Bitcoin , a sharp rise and the same sharp drop of 80-90%? Logically, the correction should be, let's see how deep.

1 option
Sell short 11 $
Stop 13 (-15.5%) - a big stop, but significant priorities, you can enter in parts as the price moves in the right direction
Profit $ 3 (70%)

Option 2
Sell short 6 $
Stop $ 6.6 (11%)
Profit $ 3 (50%)

Possible to drop to $ 1.5
Comment: Divergence on the CCI frame weekly and price / volume
Trade active: Part of the position at $ 11 opened, the second part I will open if the price goes below $ 7