CVAC Curevac found the bottom on 0.382 fib level

After a huge runup CVAC found a bottom on 0.382 level but made a lower high bouncing around 0.786 fib level and 0.382 fib level making a double bot on that 0.382 fib level. The momentum right now is very bullish and if the previous lower high just above 0.618 fib level is broken it will very likely continue its uptrend after retesting that lower high and breaking the $82.69 price target into another highs retest into 1.272 fib level ($95.43 price target) after which it will pullback again. If the prior lower high is not broken that was around $66 price target then it will very likely go down further to 0.236 fib level($46 price target) or consolidate even more and creating a triangle formation. If it creates a triangle formation then any news catalyst will very likely break out to the top even up to 1.618($111.64 target).