Largest Single Day Spike in Worldwide Coronavirus Cases & Deaths

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Today records the largest single day spike in worldwide coronavirus deaths, at over 60,000 new deaths reported. The same is true with a massive surge in new cases worldwide, brought on by new variants of covid-19 from UK and South Africa.

Sao Paolo, Brazil has alone reported a record 1021 deaths within a 24 hour period:


Germany is implementing its strictest lockdown yet due to a rise in cases from the B.1.1.7+E484K UK variant of the virus. This variant is more lethal, longer lasting, and more infectious. It's possible that even supermarkets will close during Merkle's April lockdown:


Covid cases have also risen by 5% in at least 27 states in the US:


CDC officials are warning of an avoidable new surge in cases here in the US if measures to mitigate are lifted too soon; as states like Texas and others re-open to full capacity or with few restrictions.


Pfizer and Moderna reports vaccinations are highly effective in preventing multiple UK variants, including B.1.1.7, but indicates a drop in efficacy towards preventing the South African variant:


The race to vaccinate ramps up along with a ramp up in viral transmission, as well as new variants spreading across the world. Essentially it appears we are nearing the finish line, but fighting our toughest battle yet to defeat the virus.
Update / potential correction:

This displays significantly different information than the chart here for the last daily report, with yesterday's deaths @ 7.1k not 60k



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