DENT - 63%+ Potential Profits! [FREE TRADING SIGNAL]


Dent on Binance has consolidated nicely on these lows with some nice buy volume coming in.

Crypto Eye Trade Analysis:

- Bullish RSI Divergence
- Accumulation
- Nice Volume
- SQZ Nearing a Bullish Cross

Our Entry Zone:

0.00000026 - 0.00000030

Our Targets:

1: 0.00000031
2: 0.00000034
3: 0.00000039
4: 0.00000044+

Our Stop Loss: 0.00000024

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Crypto Eye Team

This analysis is not financial advice and the Crypto Eye are not financial advisors. We are sharing our opinion, nothing more.
Please do your due-diligence. Trading cryptocurrencies is very high risk and you can lose your entire investment.
Comment: Targets 1 & 2 Achieved

Estimated Profit = 35%

Comment: Target 3 Achieved

Estimated Profit = 62%