💎 DEPAY : Must HODL This GEM | 200%++ Profit Potential 🚀🚀🚀

UNISWAP:DEPAYWETH   DePay / Wrapped Ether (0xef8cd...b8b6d)
Hello Traders,
Today I found a Great Project Listed on Uniswap Called DEPAY. This Project Helps to Simplify Your Crypto Conversion Built on decentralized finance(DeFi).
I was Analyzing its Chart on UniSwap, Right Now Depay token has came to BUY ZONE and soon it will pump and give 200% plus profit in upcoming day.
i have given entry and exits on chart. Depay token has limited supply so , it will not dump anymore. Depay community is very strong.
in next 2 days i will again update this chart. with more price action info.
Trade closed: target reached: target 1 achieved