I may get that dip afterall

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Seems like a bear flag which is typically followed by break to the downside. 64% chance of that. 36% chance we break up or trade ways. Stochastic really looks like up to me. Not really lining up. Learning at it's finest. Don't forget to check WGR Cryptoguy's chart!
Comment: For the record...I hope it goes up


historically, bull markets in stocks are 6 times longer than the bear markets

crypto markets are roughly the opposite - likely as they are still maturing

in my estimation this adds a complication to the trading pattern up/down percentage chance of completion in the crypto markets which have been mainly tested in the stock markets

in my estimation the patterns in crypto fail much more than they succeed because the bear markets are so much longer

but in the crypto bull markets I would expect a much higher percentage of pattern matching historical data

right now that ALT markets are printing some serious success ratios
for me that's a bull flag not a bear flag and it broke out as well