I would have liked to see this fomo much later in the bull run, and perhaps there will be another moment where fomo impacts the DGB charts.

The switch on the MACD line (right after a buy signal went up) has only happened once since this run up began.

Typically, it's 3-days up, 1-day down.

I think the reason for this is Fomo. DGB popped hard last night around 3am . When people woke up this morning and saw that DGB was up 20%, they jumped in and drove the price up substantially – to the point where we saw DGB in the number #1 spot (up 34%) on Coinbase today. This was not the way DGB was rising — slow and steady.

We want slow and steady, not pump & dumps.

Having said that, I think tonights MACD crossover into red candles are an outlier (correction from the FOMO buys this morning), and not in alignment with the trend we've seen recently.

In my opinion, DGB continues to rise over the next three days, until we get a sell signal. :)

I am not a financial advisor. These charts and posts are for my own personal documentation purposes only. Do your own research before investing into crypto.