Just added to my #DIS holding

I have bought and sold a few #DIS shares during the peaks and troughs, but retained a core holding and have just added a few more @ 2.39p. I like the products (which taste great), the company (which is taking a very measured approach to its growth - even if it seems a little slow at times), the distribution channels (#RedLegSpicedRum now in most supermarkets without the need for promotional pricing) and its ambitious plans for overseas markets (approved products in US markets).

It is a tiddler and the share price will get thrown around a little, but there seems to be good support at these price levels and the indicators may now be moving in its favour. It is launching a new vintage gin and spending more on marketing (although I personally haven't seen a lot of evidence of this). If we get some momentum behind the share price then I think it will do well.