NYSE:DIS   Walt Disney Company (The)
ive been analyzing and backtesting some charts.

In particular~ shorts. One thing I really liked was DIS short. I was in the long swing that I exited prior to ER, we gapped down bigly of course on ER. They tried to fade it unsuccessfully. When we could not get over the ER gap down, could have looked for a short entry on a smaller timeframe like 30 min or 1 hr . The interesting thing about where we gapped down and then traded to was that it was the perfect 1.272% fib retracement from the April to May down move and I mean nearly to the absolute penny. It was enough to stop the down move for the time being, but with the weekly 100 sma not too far away any longer and also close to the 1.618% retracement on the daily of this bearish trend , it make sense to go test it. The $158.50 level area will try to act as support.

As I stated before, the best would have been to get in when we rejected fading the gap with a 1st target of $159 or so (probably would have taken partial profit on the close Friday). But an acceptable alternative would be to set a stop limit sell under the relative low~ which is what I am doing.

**DIS swing short**
Stop limit sell
Stop: $158.28
Limit sell: $158.75
1st target: $150.50
2nd target: $145.80

I oftentimes adjust additional targets and/or just take profit depending on what price action does. ive been analyzing and backtesting some charts.
Comment: Oh, looks like I forgot to post the stop. That is $161.15
Comment: updated entry at 158.50 to get in. Missed the attempted one at .75
Comment: DIS we closed right at that ER low. Was hoping for a close below. May still retest higher before pounding down further. c'est la vie.
Comment: Just took off 25% of the swing due to a bit of support on the daily. Also rocked a crazy good short daytrade based off the same thought process.
Comment: Because of the buying that we ended up with on the daily from today, I did end up just exiting 50% of my DIS swing which means that I have just 25% of the short swing on now. The buying wick we see is pretty sizeable and while I would still like to see the original plan work out, I don't mind if I scale in and out of these swings as long as the original idea is not broken. Allows for more fine-tuned management of profits or smaller losses should that occur.
Comment: Moving the stop down to $156 now to lock in a nice win here. Hopefully we continue down, but if we break the high of today, we may see a bit of a bounce.