DOW DOWN short term

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yeah, we were so close to hit all-time-high , well perhaps tomorrow is another chance.

Either way, for me it is time to hit the bid, it jusy looks exhausted ,but I reckognize we are still in a bull market for now.

a) broadening pattern after a rally means bulls and bears are in a big fight, but it could mean a top
b) with this broadening formation there is a distinctive negative divergence

I will place my stop at around 2x ATR, which gives me a bit room above the rising broadening top line as well as above the old all-time-high with cushion.

Target is minimum the lower supprt line of this broadening formation where I would take off 50% given the volatility . Second target will be around 38% retracement of recent rally or the first stepper uptrendline, depending how long it will take.

happy trading :-)