Who Would You Stake?

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Hey everyone! 👋

This month, in preperation for the new year, we will be theming our posts around the concept of building a solid trading plan!

Later posts in December will look at the key elements involved in building a rock-solid game plan, but today, to introduce the concepts in a fun way, we will be looking at a completely hypothetical situation.


Let’s say that you’re walking down the street, and a stranger approaches you with a business proposal; he’s recently sold his business, and come into a significant amount of capital - $10,000,000. Additionally, word of the sale has gotten to two separate aspiring traders, who have approached him asking him if they can manage his money in return for a fee.

The stranger has heard from a family friend that you’re interested in trading, and he wants your help in picking out which trader to invest the money in. In return for your help, He’s going to split the profits he makes 50-50 with you.

Obviously, it’s in your best interest to help him make a decision that will make the most money for the longest period of time, with the least amount of risk.

The stranger then pulls out contact information for both traders, and asks you to interview them separately.


Here's our question to you: if you only get to ask the traders three questions to gauge their likely future performance, what would you ask them? What questions dive to the heart of risk, reward, and sustainability?

We look forward to your replies, and in next week's post, we will begin looking at how some of the likely responses can go towards building out a consistent, profitable process!

- Team TradingView
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