Doggy (DOGE) will go up horizantally ?

Dogecoin is a meme coin created as a joke in 2013, which derives much of its perceived value from the cute photo of the Shiba-Inu dog that emblazons its logo. It has no active developers, and its own creator sold all of his coins in 2016 during a period of unemployment.

I think the creator now might be frustrated emotionally to see his own doggy now worth billions of dollars...
At the time of writing, DOGECOIN is at 6th rank, and overtake Cardano ... Oppss.. that's is not a joke... LoL..

Looking into the chart, possibly the trend will continue to surge at lease 0.50-0.80 before the whales selling it, and that's will create a new HH, and HL.

For me now, this is the best trade for this Fool month.. (April)

Might be , it just a bubble or not.. we will monitor closely with this remarkable doggy WooFf.. woff..

"The dog barking at the moon" Wooff.. woff..
Trade active
Order cancelled