DOGE with big 95% pump and dump

BITTREX:DOGEUSDT   Dogecoin / Tether
In a short amount of time, DOGE pumped 95%, giving traders huge profits, if they sold the top. But here is the reality. Most probably missed it the top by a long shot.

This is a psychology breakdown of retail newbs and their thoughts as they went through the emotional rollercoaster of this pump and dump. Undoubtedly, many newbs got trapped in their trades from this pump.

Don't trade with emotion, and be prepared to sell. If you're hodling, have a sell order set. If you're day trading, have your finger on the MARKET SELL trigger, so you can immediately dump your bags when you see that huge green candle maxing out. When a coin is this hot, there is no time to mess with limit orders. Take your profit with higher trading fees and gtfo out of the trade.