DOGE/USDT exit form triangle and ready to go higher to ATH

BINANCE:DOGEUSDT   Dogecoin / TetherUS
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Today I want talk with you about Doge.

At first want say that price already exit from triangle and now create accumulation above resistance line.

It's good signals if price not back in triangle.

Also price have support level at 0.215 USD and continue to bounced from this level.

If we will talk about global grow to prices around ATH we need at first break local resistance level at 0.34 USD.

After this we will have 3 main targets

a) 0.45 USD
b) 0.59 USD
c) 0.74 USD and even higher

Price also have very strong support level at 0.16 USD but I dont think that we will back here before alt season.

So, I'm in DOGE and waiting for a rocket !

This is my opinion, I really hope this will be useful for you.

Be ready and take care your money. Have a great profit !

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