Up 80% since last earnings , they aren't growing that fast, something's gotta give. Hitting resistance here anyways.

Couple of put contracts with today's profits from flipping calls. Heck, all it has to do is give up today's gain and you'll break even.
Comment: REmind me not to post earnings ideas, lol.

Gave away my profits from today.
Comment: DOCU down, DOMO up, same chart pattern. Goes to show earnings are a total crap shoot.

ULTA beat big but went red, lol.
Comment: TRied to double up on open but moved too fast and the spread was huge.

Moving with the market now, earnings are a non factor, direction depends on what NQ1! does.
Trade closed manually: I still think this heads to a double bottom, but decided to flip all my puts this morning and go all cash.

Made a very small profit, so I wasn't wrong on it, but seems like a waste of time tracking this PoS stock.