Discovery Holding Support


Account balance: R8013.80
Entry: R137.06
Stop loss: R123.60
Risk per share: -R13.46
Quantity: 12.1
Risk ZAR: -R162.87
Risk: -1.97%

There’s a bit of resistance on the stock around 14570c. Which happens to my last entry point. The stock tested the support of the 13400c - 15750c box. He the support quite well. If the stock close above the 14770 resistance I will add to the position and pull my stop to around 13000c

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Comment: Discovery

Everage Entry: R137.06
Quantity: 12.1
Stop loss: R123.60 (-R13.46 risk per share)
Profit/Loss if stop is hit: -R162.87 (-2.08%)

Waiting for: R148

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Comment: Stock still holding the 200d EMA as support.

Waiting for a breakout of the symmetrical triangle, and a close above R140, to pull my stop to just below these current lows. Which a higher than previous lows.