USD Indx - It is still trading in a range

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Everything from here is just guessing.

It has to break the range to start either a correction down to daily Kumo, or to continue the bullish move to 98.

- Kijun Sen is up to Price, matching horizontal bottom of the sideaway range. A close below Kijun could be a start of a correction to the Kumo and to the major uptrend line.
- Chikou hits Price candles soon -> bullish momentum decreased. New momentum (either bullish or bearish ) can increase with Chikou crossing above prev high or below Price candles.
- Heikin Ashi has been changing day by day -> undecision

- It looks once bullish , once bearish . In fact Price has been swinging around the Kumo (equilibrium is ard 94,40).
- DMI is zig-zag , no directional indication
- Heikin Ashi picture can change any time and is changing too often
- The horizontal range is visible here too, in addition we can realiise some lower highs and higher lows froming a tightenning triangle. Please note that in terms of Ichimoku we have nothing to do with the "triangle", we only have to watch the clearing of horizontal range top or range bottom for a validation of next Kumo breakout!

This is neither a field for trend followers, nor for swing traders now. Trend followers will step in either at 92 retest, or with a break of 95. Swing bears will try to sell again below 93,80 - 94,00.

p.s.: We see some bottom fishing in Gold and some bidding in US10Y futures: is it a sign for some weaker USD ahead?