Bullish Oil Futures = Energy Companies #10 (E)

Deep pullback but is more safe buy now because the bad has happened
In Feb 5, 2018 Dow drops 1,175 points the biggest point drop In history and historically after big falls like the Black Monday October 19, 1987
Remember that after the shock, strong hands buy stocks.

About the resistance line:
Resistance Line is an (Area, Zone, Sector)
Between 31.90 to 34.70 or something not exact.
In this chart in particular, is because is a foreign company, but the stock have enough liquidity, exactly the Avg-Volume is 212,531
Other aspect with the resistance line in this chart is because this is a foreign company and there tend to be constant intraday gaps during a week,
But at the end this stock is liquid
Again I repeat the Avg-Volume is 212,531