UNISWAP3ARBITRUM:EBONDSUSDC_67AC55.USD   EBONDS / USD Coin (Arb1) on Arbitrum (0x67ac5588bbfbcf0ffe2e24608d9b4e7102345835) in USD
EBONDS Finance is a very special project which aims to collect money via several Blockchain LP Fees and Airdrop incentives and more. It's hosted on the Arbitrum network to have low tx fees to interact with their DAPP.

The main token is EBONDS which has a buyback scheme. The interest token is ESIR, which you get daily 1 ESIR for 1000 EBONDS.

Quote from their website: ebonds.finance

"Asset diversification with high stable allocations (asset/stable pools) and mainly operating with strong and safe protocols, balancing between V2 and V3 LP’s, offers great decentralization and high fees without the traditional risks of rugs/hacks from new degen protocols chasing high yields. Traditional rebalancing mechanisms by pure holding (without the forced rebalancing from LP) prove to be highly rewarding longterm with 30–60 day rebalancing periods.

The Collateralized Investment Strategy in different allocations generating different cash flows aim to build up the Protocol-Owned Liquidity and surplus collateral to generate a flywheel effect. More yield and rewards can be generated and flow to the most imbalanced allocation, prioritizing Protocol-Owned Liquidity first. Users can purchase EBONDS Tokens in the EBONDS.Finance dapp at 1$ / 1# EBONDS using the Purchasing Smart Contract."

"The 1% fee on the ESIR Tokens swap add an extra revenue to support the protocol and longer term hodlers. The fair way to earn ESIR Tokens is by purchasing and staking EBONDS, contributing to the Collateralized Investment Strategy. In general, available ESIR Tokens on the Liquidity Pool and users holding remain asset-backed. A maximum supply of 7.000.000# of EBONDS Tokens and 7.000.000# ESIR Tokens will ever be in circulation."

Discord Invite discord.gg/vM4YC6WxSd
Webpage ebonds.finance/
Buy EBONDS ebonds.finance/
Stake EBONDS ebonds.finance/allocation-staking
Sell EBONDS sell.ebonds.finance/
Buy/Sell ESIR on Uniswap app.uniswap.org/
Buy/Sell EBONDS on Uniswap app.uniswap.org/

IMO this is a longterm hold, getting decent interest % wise and have a good stake in several blue chip blockchains. Read more detailed info on the medium link or via their Discord
on a constant way up. interest with ESIR tokens got even better we have now a price for ESIR at 0,56 USD :)

small trade btc update
great super stable project

getting my ESIR tokens daily! cashout atm is for 1 Esir Token 0,50 Cents :)

Ebonds price slowly itching up
income is achieved via DEX LP Farming +++
CC (project manager) is making a good job!

very good progress - let's start the big 3rd wave!!!
great consolidation in the 1.10 - 1 USD level

looking for more pumps now
maybe around 1.40 next stop

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