Long-term Moon Shot | Editas Medicine

NASDAQ:EDIT   Editas Medicine, Inc
Editas Medicine is a clinical stage genome editing company,

With the help of CRISPR technology, it focuses on treating a range of serious diseases like:
-Leber Congenital Amaurosis type 10 (Genetic form of vision loss that leads to blindness in childhood) - EDIT-101 has recently entered phase 1/2 trial for the treatment, the very first time an in vivo CRISPR treatment enters clinical trials which with positive results could instantly make Editas a leader in this new field!
-Usher Syndrome 2A (Form of retinitis pigmentosa that also includes hearing loss)
-Treats sickle cell diseases and beta-thalassemia (A blood disorder that reduces the production of hemoglobin)

It is also
-In collaboration with Juno Therapeutics to develop engineered T cells for cancer!
-Agreement with Allergan Pharmaceuticals International Limited to innovate, discover and develop new gene editing medicines for a range of ocular disorder
-Collaboration with Asklepios BioPharmaceutical to develop therapy to treat neurological diseases

The company has a lot of potential ahead in upcoming years!
Let's get more technical!

UNDERVALUED, I believe now would be a good time to lock in a long term position due to those facts
-Recently had a public offering of 3.5M at $66 per share (Jan 21st)
-Pe Ratio -39x
-Fair Value of $479.88 US
-Fib Retracement to current lows indicates a potential entry for the long term