ERTHAUSDT ? and all coin ideas

I like this one too, but my hands are full.

If you like it...

This space is really wide- Crypto ( so wide that you don't know anything about everything )
Lost in information- good or bad/ speculative or value.

So I decided to stick to SNR only without going deep into fundamental.

If it want to do a million X.. just let it be.

I will not be glued to just 1 or 2 coins.

I'm not suggesting all to get into crypto coins nor I m against. But how we approach it will make you happier and careless (or little care)

My 2 cents.

I must be small and do multiple coins.
If I have 20 coins.

Then 2 of 20 coins (10%), do like 200%- ( that % not unusual for crypto)

and compound the gains, like 20-30 times, with the same concept.

Secondly, I think we have the time. So don't rush it
Building it small and consistent.

a position like Erta $0.0018 will get you like 10,000 units with 20$.

If 20$ is a big deal or too small, adjust to what matters.

When Erta goes up 200% you get 60$ -as per example.

(If you're reading till now, does this makes sense to you?)


Search how we could dig into positive movement coins.
All those stagnant.. scrap it off.


Openminded and stay in your zone. Because, there will be new information. That will sway with your plan- example dump into 1 coin and make you tons. ( well it could be a dream )


This space of idea is mine.
I am not a guru.
I just share it.
We all have different perspective of anything.
I respect you in total

If you had been reading till here. I think some things could have clicked.
We shall be friends :)

I am from Malaysia, always wishing you well.

Manage well ya coz these asset/trading bit different consideration for risk profile

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