Most Shameful Scam Ever Manifesting

khun Updated   
POLONIEX:ETCBTC   Ethereum Classic / Bitcoin
The implementation of Ethereum Classic trading on Poloniex is most def one of the most shameful frauds in crypto world I have ever witnessed. STAY AWAY! From both, exchange and scamcoin.

Complete Rektage 100% guaranteed!
Comment: I sincerely hope that Poloniex as well as Ethereum Classic clowns will face legal persecution .
It´s about time that this scam exchange is getting shutdown and peeps running it imprisoned.
Comment: Crypto World needs a fundamental house cleaning to make sure that scammers like those involved here do not ever confuse it with the Wild West any longer.
Comment: DETH TO
ethereum classic,
its supporters,

and all the greedy fools and fraudsters who will never understand what crypto is meant to be...
May you rot in crypto hell together with all your p&d scamcoins. R.I.P.

(not butthurt, nor offense intended, but you really suck)

Comment: LOL. Good game! And STILL massively overvalued WORTHLESS CRAP! Straight to ZERO!

Comment: And the scam continues... Very sadly, on kraken as well now. But well, that traders on other exchanges would demand their share of the free money as well was kinda expected.

Comment: My well-intended recommendation remains: STAY AWAY. Take that free money and never look back ;)
Comment: The hourly...

Comment: Biased?

Comment: Update from @btcecom on #EthereumClassic: "Ethereum Classic in the current circumstances is a scam." - Uuuuuups... >>
Comment: Looks legit... IMO.

Comment: Major #Bitcoin/#Ethereum Exchange: Ethereum Classic is a #Scam >>>
Comment: Let the rektening begin...

Comment: The monthly.

Comment: Still most likely... IMO

Comment: Better start looking for shelter.

Comment: The moment you thank crypto god for another premium exit opp...

Comment: Seems like this intermezzo might take longer than expected... Testing resistance here.

Comment: Looking at this on the hourly, it strongly suggests top.

Comment: Aight. ETC circus over... Back to reality from here.

Comment: Top confirming.

Comment: Manifestation NOW!

Comment: In case this ponzi goes on against all reason, Crypto World as a whole is finished. Even the most butthurt Bitcoiner cannot possibly be that dumb... Unless on a suicide mission.
Comment: The daily looks pretty rekt!

Comment: ATTENTION: ETC about to crash hard...
Comment: Megarektage ahead?

Comment: Daaooown.

Comment: Let´s dump that crap already...
Comment: That´s better ;)

Comment: Corrected circles...

Comment: Well, massive candle fakery might have saved the ETCrap for the time being...

Comment: New circles in play...

Comment: REKT?

Comment: Hmmm. New candles, but picture remains unclear...


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