ETHUSD to 1474.00 - TradeGod_1.708

BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar

Short to 1474.00

Additional short positions at 1531.50

Trade active: You can enter the trade. This will not break the high of 1595 before the low of 1474.00.
Comment: TP is expected between 07 March 1600hrs UTC and 08 March 0100hrs UTC.

Let it run and do not intervene physically, mentally or emotionally.

The duration of this trade is 1 daily cycle.


Stopping out?
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Ben-jamine_1111 Tdurden3883
@Tdurden3883 no trade is still active to target price. my apologies for the late response. Remember the time range I predicted.
Thank you for sharing
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Thanks man
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Make the Chart yours via the share button and selecting make it mine.

Using a 1hr resolution chart.

Reset the price scale and zoom in fully. This will give you the true view of the price movements in relation to the drawn geometry.
Anybody asking about stops etc are being to emotionally involved and we need faith and patience as a virtue. Just pay attention to how it has adhered to the slanted rectangular geometry. It will run off this to target. Be patient and persevere.
The time frames mentioned in the description are still active and we have until 0100 UTC tomorrow, being 8th March 2021 to reach target. This means it will short today for 12 hours to target.
@swanselb @rbrnet99 Its a pleasure guys, enjoy the trade and the utmost gratitude for your thanks.

Be sure to monitor the trade when it nears the TP zone, as there may be a possible spike to the low. An intimate trailing stop from around 1440 may be advantageous. play it as you feel but remain detached emotionally.
iaretheanimal Ben-jamine_1111
@Ben-jamine_1111, Based on current price, still active or are you stopping out?