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I've learnt a lot on trading view in short time so thanks guys
And met a couple of very cool people- u know who you are
I have had a dabble with crypto trading and come out even which is probably not a terrible thing
But for me crypto is purely insulation
From the coming financial storm
it isn't an anarchocapitailst construct
There is no Satoshi
The cryptoverse like the universe is an illusion
Ripple is not the only banker coin!!!
Research double entry book keeping
It's how the retail (peripheral) banks create money
Loans are not made from savers' deposits
Now think about all the forkage and nature of crypto
It's no different
But it's the future
Until it isn't
For my own circumstance it is only the bank of ETH that makes sense
Everything else is just playing in their casino a la equities and cfds
Ephesians 2:2
WARNING CRYPTO WILL FAIL EVENTUALLY but i think 2018 will be ok!!!
Comment: "Web 1.0 is a retronym referring to the first stage of the World Wide Web's evolution. According to Cormode, G. and, Krishnamurthy, B. (2008): "content creators were few in Web 1.0 with the vast majority of users simply acting as consumers of content."
Comment: "The term "Web 2.0" was first used in January 1999 by Darcy DiNucci, an information architecture consultant. In her article, "Fragmented Future", DiNucci writes:

The Web we know now, which loads into a browser window in essentially static screenfuls, is only an embryo of the Web to come. The first glimmerings of Web 2.0 are beginning to appear, and we are just starting to see how that embryo might develop. The Web will be understood not as screenfuls of text and graphics but as a transport mechanism, the ETHER through which interactivity happens..."

Comment: WEB 3.0


programmable money

the future 'mark'


jan should tell quite a bit
flippening year?!?
Comment: if it doesn't correct quite a lot soon
imho we are going to hit 10k this year
btw see what total market cap has done despite corrections
I know this is an old post, but you have some GREAT insights here! “It’s the future... until it isn’t”. Love it.

Truth be told, there’s always going to be something bigger and better. It’s the nature of progress. Traditional phones gave way to cell phones, which then morphed into mini-computers that do everything from taking pictures and recording video, to being a music player– and how amazing is it that we have the internet at our fingertips these days?

This is an excessive tangent (WARNING!)— but we get so blinded by monotony and desensitization that we don’t even appreciate the mind-blowing reality of an (anything but) “simple” cell phone!

20-25 years ago, nobody knew what the internet was. Now it has become so ubiquitous that modern civilized society would literally come to a screeching halt without it. It went from “the inter-what?” to one of the most important technologies on this planet- the fabric of society- in a mere 20 years or so. Blows my mind! - but only when I stop to think about it. We so rarely do that anymore. We’re such ingrates and snobs. So spoiled we don’t bat an eye at how astonishing it all is. How sad.

And in the same era, wireless (cellular) technology was just opening its eyes to the world. Now we have a portable device that fits in our hand... that can show real-time video of a person 5,000 miles away... transmitted through the air. Millions of people are doing this at any given moment- and it’s traveling hundreds of miles into space, hitting a satellite that’s orbiting the planet, then being beamed back to the exact device that requested it, without mixing these millions of signals up in transit- IN MILLISECONDS.


We can pull up any song we can think of in seconds and listen to it. We can literally look up anything we want to know, and have the answer instantly delivered to us.

And we throw it on the counter, not thinking twice about what it actually is and represents.

Having said all that (whew)... Would we be so naive to think that BTC or ETH will never be superseded by better, faster, more secure technology? We don’t see it yet because we can’t envision it yet. Nobody saw the internet becoming what it is today. Maybe same with blockchain. I don’t think it’s QUITE as paradigm shifting as the internet, but it will change the world. It’s one of those technologies that will take us in a new direction. But we won’t see the true potential realized for years.

We are early adopters. We are on dialup. Bitcoin is our Netscape Navigator— Netscape was one of the first pieces of software that made the internet more than just a bunch of connected computers. Likewise, Bitcoin is paving the way for crypto. It’s the trailblazer. Without Bitcoin, we wouldn’t have blockchain.

And one day, we may forget about it. Antiquity. Netscape was dethroned by Internet Explorer and Firefox and Chrome, which will undoubtably abdicate their glory to yet another generation of better technology.


But we are witnessing the birth of something. We’re not entirely sure what it is, quite yet- but we know it’s big. We feel it.

A fresh idea. Innovation. A new path forward. We should be amazed that we’re awake and alive to witness all that we have in our lives. It’s all so amazing.

(No, I didn’t take LSD before I typed this out, hahaha...)

To reinforce your point- yes, BTC will go away one day— but not in 2018. 2017-2018 are the infancy years of crypto, and this boy has room to grow. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make the easiest money we will ever make. I’m thankful. We are so lucky to have front row seats for the show. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride. I’m super excited by the possibilities. Things may or may not pan out as we hope they do, but worst case scenario we can one day tell people about how we bought BTC for less than $10,000. And no one will believe us. Lol!
qdoc TheGush
@TheGush, thank you for doing this. Much appreciated. You're in an important minority brother. Stay in touch. I'm 90% sure if we buy ether over the next month or two it will be a great decision for us. Stay in touch bro. Ps my thing is esoteric fundamental analysis and it all to me points to ether, if not then crypto as a whole but I think we have to avoid asic miners and I don't think btc or bch are future number ones. There are outside chances like neo. Other than me I'd say @LogicalDeduction is most likely to see the wood for the trees with crypto and he can chart!!! Beautifully ;-) Check him out.
qdoc qdoc
@qdoc, but I agree I think btc will go to an ATH this year
@qdoc, I’m with you. My majority holdings are in ETH. I expect a really big year for ETH; primarily because of it being a platform for dapps, which is where blockchain is going, and IMO, that is its best utility/purpose... and where it will ultimately find its true fame. Restricting blockchain for use as a currency ledger is like Einstein working as a janitor.

Your head is in the right place.
qdoc TheGush
@TheGush, thanks man. Qdoc Ps don't get me started on einstein ;-) (look up Nikola Tesla sometime)
@qdoc, haha! Certainly not fans of each other, huh?

I must say, you are one interesting character, qdoc. Glad I ran across you. I’ll be keeping my eye out for you on here. I enjoy your insights and sharp mind.

And your ETH prediction- 10k? Ambitious! Myself, I am feeling certain about the 3,500-5,000 mark by year end, and I thought that would be spectacular. 10k would be amazing. And I certainly don’t discount the possibility; if not this year... then next.

You see the players behind the enterprise ethereum alliance (EEA)? BIG names in there.

“The alliance includes members that span numerous industries and sectors, including finance, IT, healthcare, and energy to name a few, with notable early members J.P Morgan, Santander, and ConsenSyS leading the pack. More recent members, include Microsoft, Samsung SDS, University of New South Wales, Mastercard, and Intel, Scotiabank, BNY Mellon Hewlett Packard Enterprise, along with Blockchain based firms like, Status, Dash, and Coinvest to name a few. With over 250+ members and counting, the EEA is a sign that Blockchain technology is here to stay and not jus a fad, like some may believe.

Ron Resnick, the recently appointed Executive Director, is ready to take on the challenge and lead the 200+ member alliance. Resnick is a former Intel Executive and graduate of Cornell University.”

HUGE for the future of ETH. I’m very excited, because like you, I think ETH is going to just outright explode this year. My portfolio reflects that confidence. I can’t see it going any other way. Sure, BTC will rally. LTC will rally. But I just have a feeling ETH is going to skyrocket past these other players. It doesn’t seem outlandish that we could see the flippening occur this year.

Either way, I’ve got my ETH bags stuffed, and I’m suuuure hoping we can see one last deep dip for it so we can load up before the rest of the world realizes how valuable an asset it is and will become.
qdoc TheGush
@TheGush, yes all agreed bro, all of it. Thank you. And yes i'm here for two reasons. Because crypto is their future. And because there are a minority of very good people in this fallen world. And I believe I met another one this weekend. Qdoc ps don't forget about metals investing if you make money in crypto and in that regard checkout @sevensphere he also has another persona here along the lines of theseventypercents but that's not the correct username I don't think. Things thankfully will get biblical and as such biblical money will go huge. @goldbug one says gold, silver, btc; I revise it to gold, silver, ether.
qdoc qdoc
@qdoc, tesla- a true scientific genius imho not a scientismic magician like the 'BIG' names
qdoc qdoc
@qdoc, pps i think musk's tesla is a two fingered salute to mr empirical science
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