ETHUSD The "Great" reset/Clockwork Orange

BYBIT:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
This is my take on the midterm Ethereum . After charting the weekly on Bybit, which has only data from the bearish 2019.
Covid market crash has restructured the whole market, and we are still holding onto old data, which has been someway invalidated in my opinion.
The chart can look like a seed has been planted and something started growing from it.
The future, maybe.

Going a bit beyond traditional but just speaking my mind through charting.
I am calling for a 777 usd Ethereum by the begining of 2021. That's around 2x from today's price.
I am longing for this baby today on my micro margin that I have been trading for the last few months. Will go 10x.

And this is just what I will be doing, this is not professional advice.
Learn from my mistakes, as I will be. Since this is all just speculation.

Not financial advice, just my view on the current market movements.
Discipline and positive atitude is the key. Emotional stability. Market fluctuates, as life in general.
Whoever has bought the Covid crash fear selloff, is already picking up slack, while the others are waiting for their opportunity.
Trading is like surfing on money, it's exciting to learn from being rekt by the unexpected wave, or to predict a good one.

Of course. Stop loss is in. Don't get rekt, this is going to be a hell of a ride.
And whoever said 2020 was tough, just wait to see January 2021, as we know how winter goes.
Be ready.