How and why do we put ourselves into the numbers box?

BINANCE:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / TetherUS
We, humans, tend to make a lot of interesting decisions. Some of them are good, some of them are bad and some of them are just what we currently see in the market right now. 👀 Generally, there is a lot of great market data out there. There are a lot of great indicators, support, resistance and so on. Then we add some more fancy properties into the market where "previous resistance" becomes a "new support". We draw wedges , triangles and seek to foresee the next market move! Now, all of that is great. We are super smart and that can never backfire - right?

Welcome to the land of analysis paralysis and too many limits. A wonderful place where every move faces too much resistance. A "box" where the market can be over-sold and over-bought at the same time. A "box" where the price is struggling between current, past, and imaginary support and resistance . A "box" where the market puts itself into limbo just a day or two after celebrating getting out of the last limbo (last Sunday out and Monday back in). A "box" where a psychological number like ETH $1550 becomes support, resistance, target and major barrier at the same time. Let's just sprinkle some "good-will" actors into the mix, who are plotting for "bull-trap" and "bear-trap" and hey presto - here we are!

Today's technicals:
Position is short
Forecasted highs at ETH $1620 and $1660
Mid-way point at $1470 (basically anything above $1470 is overpriced)
Forecasted lows are loads! Not to overwhelm you I will just say - $1470 and $1400

Have fun trading! 🤑

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