ETH/USDT : Is there anymore bounces ?

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Based on our last analysis, #ETH just rejected the resistance zone and now it's moving below it.
The 1st active support will be EMA200 ( Source : low - Timeframe : 2H ) which is located at ~$3420 !
There is a predicted chance for ALTs to have one more dive to their supports before any major movement, Because #TOTAL2 has reached the broken trendline and EMA200 ( Source : Close - Timeframe : 2H ).
- Volatility has reached it's limit, So the overall have marked a bearish correction in micro overview !

πŸ“š Most of the times indicators are not value-able to use on crypto caps/dominance.
But here the importance is about the trendline, Any close below will cause another dump on ALTs.
So we need to watch for the next 2H's candles on this chart !
- If #TOTAL2 rejects below trendline, Then #ETH will dive below EMA200 to retest the lower support zone ( $3350.11 - $3388.55 ) or trendline.
- If next two 2H's candles close above trendline, Then #ETH will bounce from EMA200.

πŸ“Œ So you have two levels to set your bids on #ETH's LONG !
- EMA200
- Support zone

πŸ”° Is #ETH's movement still bullish ?
Based on data we have, The net amount of ETH leaving exchanges just hit a new record !
Over $1.2B worth of ETH left centralized exchanges yesterday; Last time $1B+ left CEXs, Ethereum increased by 60% within 30 days.

- So we can say the major movement is still bullish on sentiment/macro overview.

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Attention: this isn't financial advice we are just trying to help people on their own vision.

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