ETH: The Healthy Correction Before Take Off!

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ETH has been on quite the run w/ BTC leading the way in which we should see BTC enter a correction/accumulation phase. Thus, we should see a new cycle of bullishness from Alts, with ETH leading the way, and LINK on ETH's heals. So, ETH could slightly correct back down to around $447 to regain momentum to break the $468 resistance, however, I believe a deeper correction is needed to break the $468 resistance, which the RSI supports this narrative. Therefore, we could see another 200EMA bounce before the bullish fever takes ETH beyond $488, and on through $500.

Moreover, BUY BUY BUY as much ETH as possible, because these prices are relatively cheap, due to ETH being undervalued. Might not see these price levels ever again!