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eth ponzi start pumping again? is this another scam? can anyone tell me? is it a bullish breakout or rather a fakeout? i dont know im crazy
Comment: dont die on me eth ponzi, hold the lineee
Comment: we are going down
but.. butt.. but eth eip1559..


Sadly nobody knows. If they tell you they do they are lying and if they happen to be right there was a certain degree of luck. For now, it looks like a break out potentially to 38k but first, it must break 36k. Be cautious around here most of all, very critical time and a lot of volatility
Cyborg009 NoOneWhoIsSomeone
@NoOneWhoIsSomeone, got it, thanks for sharing
Bull until the Monday morning shower shave and then SHIT!
Cyborg009 wwtrner1
@wwtrner1, thanks for sharing, ill look forward for monday
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wwtrner1 Cyborg009
@Cyborg009, Still have buy signals for the Long with resistance at 2550 then bounce again on the long. Looking like they all are forming a bull flag