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(BTCKRW chart)

(1M charts)
I think the expected target point for BTC Halving will be 81K-95K based on the BTCUSDT chart.

If we apply this to the BTCKRW chart, it is expected to be in the 98164000-130142000 range.


(ETHBTC chart)
I think the BTC market chart is a chart that allows you to compare the current coin (token) price range based on BTC.

Therefore, when looking at the BTC market chart from this perspective, I think it is enough to just look at the 1W chart.

It is recommended to check the current position of ETH compared to the current BTC price using the BTC market chart during periods of trend change and high volatility.

At other times, it is best to focus on the chart you originally intend to trade.

Therefore, what you are trying to get from the BTC market chart is that you can look at it to know when to buy.

(1W chart)
It is currently showing a downward trend, but looking at the overall picture, it is just sideways in the box section.

Therefore, from a mid- to long-term perspective, you can see that it is not yet time to purchase.

The bottom of the box section is currently expanded.

Therefore, I think it is a good idea to start buying when support is confirmed around 0.05320-0.05712.

This purchase is because even if a large drop occurs on the existing trading chart, from a mid- to long-term perspective, if the BTC price stabilizes, ETH is likely to see a large rise.

However, if BTC falls sharply by more than 10%, ETHBTC may temporarily fall.

Make sure you have cash on hand as this decline could take the price below 0.04880.

If such a decline occurs, the HA-Low indicator will appear to be rising and trying to be created.

At this time, check if there is support near the HA-Low indicator, and if there is support, you can proceed with the purchase.

If you want to delay the purchase due to fear of a decline at this time, you can confirm that the price is rising and supported by the HA-High indicator and proceed with the purchase.

If this happens, you may end up buying at the current price position, so it is a good idea to think about how to respond to this.


(ETHUSDT chart)
I think ETH is also an altcoin in the larger scheme of things.

However, since the ETH market is considerably larger than other altcoin markets, it plays some of the same roles as BTC.

There is no need to compare the BTC market and the ETH market. The BTC market is huge.

It just means that it is forming a larger market compared to the altcoin market.

From this perspective, ETH is classified as having a special relationship, that is, an intermediate step between BTC and other altcoins.

Currently, ETH is not trending like other altcoins, that is, rising, even though it is in the sideways direction of BTC.

I think the reason is that, as mentioned above, it is classified into an intermediate stage between BTC and altcoin, forming its own unique flow.

Therefore, when BTC is in a buying period, it is recommended to also buy ETH.

That's why I say it's time to focus on buying BTC or ETH when BTC is below 29K.

(1M charts)
It failed to rise above the MS-Signal indicator and is showing a downward trend.

Therefore, we need to hold the price above 1312.55 and see if it can move higher along the uptrend line.

(1W chart)
It fell by more than 66%, forming a box section.

It is unknown whether this box section can be supported and rise by using it as a support section.

However, if there are long sideways movements in this box section, you can tell that buying has progressed to that extent.

Therefore, the longer this box section, the higher the reliability, so you can proceed with buying when it breaks the top of the box section.

After breaking above the top of the box section, it fell within the current box section.

Therefore, there is a possibility that it will decline further, but since it has entered the box section, it is likely to move sideways.

Therefore, it is necessary to check what kind of movement is shown in the box section.

If it appears to be falling below the bottom of the box section, it is recommended to proceed with a stop loss.

This is because we do not know where the next sideways section will form.

The current box section is a box section formed near the previous high point.

Therefore, even if it breaks out of the bottom of the current box range, it is not expected to break out much, so I think it is a good idea to continue holding it by adjusting the proportion.

At the BTC Halving, BTC is expected to hit a new all-time high (ATH).

It is expected that many other altcoins will also hit new highs (ATH).

Among these, ETH is also expected to hit a new high (ATH).

(1M charts)
Accordingly, the key is whether the price can rise beyond the circle drawn on the chart.

The long-term trading strategy for ETH is the same as that for BTC.

Therefore, a strategy is needed to either purchase ETH when purchasing BTC or to invest intensively in one of the two to obtain greater profits.

If you purchase BTC and ETH together, your small investment may be divided into two, resulting in lower profits. Additionally, you may proceed with the transaction with psychological pressure and anxiety until the transaction is closed due to lack of spare funds, so caution is required.

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** All explanations are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss in investment.

** Trading volume is displayed as a candle body based on 10EMA.
How to display (in order from darkest to darkest)
More than 3 times the trading volume of 10EMA > 2.5 times > 2.0 times > 1.25 times > Trading volume below 10EMA

** Even if you know other people’s know-how, it takes a considerable amount of time to make it your own.

** This chart was created using my know-how.


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