ETSY, Short, Mid and even long term BUY chance!

ETSY will see higher prices ! how far it goes higher? Lets follow !

ETSY has started a new up going wave cycle at 153.8 low which may be wave 5 of a larger degree wave cycle or in best case scenario be the wave 3 of 3 of that cycle ! I promise you that if best case scenario in larger degree happens few people can imagine unbelievable targets ETSY will meet!

Lets skip that optimistic scenario for now and just suppose that ETSY is going to complete the current wave cycle disregarding its position in larger degree cycle.

As shown on the chart ETSY is reaching to strong support around 230 USD to complete labeled wave iv. This support is formed by confluence of strong static support with 5 times reaction and cluster of typical Fibonacci levels. Small up going wave may start form the support and push the price up to 263-272 target zone to complete the labeled wave v and a larger degree wave labeled as (iii). After that wave (iv) correction push down price back to around 230 USD again and new larger wave (v) move up will start to complete larger degree wave 3 up to 290. Another correction and move up will push the price finally to above 300 USD. Many long and short chances for short term traders. All above details are briefly shown on the chart.

It is worth to note that what described above for the new cycle is just the worst case scenario for that mentioned cycle ! So, What I am suggesting here is just worst case scenario inside another worst case scenario. Who can imagine best case in best case scenario ??

Best case scenario in current wave cycle is the up coming move up from 230 to 263-272 zone is going to complete just wave 1 of an smaller degree wave cycle.

All in All, ETSY is very low risk for buy entry regardless of what I am suggesting about wave cycles. I just tried to offer a general view of the stock. I may publish the best case and worst case scenarios in larger degree waves to make it even more clear for all of you my friends.

I have to emphasize although I am confident about this analysis , always there is the chance of mistake therefore as always we have to trade objectively.

Good luck every one!

Comment: Huge move up after earning ! Do we have best case scenario???