OANDA:EURCAD   Euro / Canadian Dollar
Pullback to supply afterward Continuation with downtrend as IMO the market reversed already as I’d advise yal to short that move right before it dropped 600 pip. ..
All targets are based on market volatility . 8/10 post are geared to catching the main direction of the market so traders can benefit of holding a long trade providing the education to give this confidence is the only reason we been here!
How is this done?
By learning the market phases, market psychology, price and time action with leading indicators as confirmation. You can find detail info on all these topics and more with a lil back searching.
By identifying the ranges made at the beginning and end of the market phases during1 and 5. How 5 forms it’s location, how price reacts to the mvwap, gives us clues as to if price will continue or reverse by looking at the story left as it transition through each phase from phase 1!

Thus here as I said back in Jan I think ( the post is linked) the market reversed a few candles later it did as we watched how it did the drop looking for key structure to indicator a continuation of the drowntrend. In which I’ll explain one here! As. No market will reverse without a correction to continue the current trend where the probability of it is still high and it’s usually during this step we can see if the market gives up! Ex you can look at my gold post weekly and see the accuracy of it months before the market did it where we see the down n then the pullback to reclaim the high that failed exactly where I’d mentioned it would so long ago! As I say there the market do things, they give us just have to be willing to learn deeper than what what we are taught
So for here as an example.

We seen the reversal structure, market drop. We looked for a strong impulse move against the drop during oversold conditions on the rsi on the highest timeframe of the condition where the bull are expected to pullback here I’d outlined this as orange where we can see price is stuttering in the downtrend on the chart and on the rsi it’s stuttering at the oversold level of 33.33 telling us that price is breaking rsi support in which the bulls pullback from it only to top off and dropped lower by the bears in which here is where they broke the support and sent price Lower . Confirmation of this is the average gap made afterward. Thus this is some of the gems taught to me that id been teaching to you that u refuse to acknowledge but can’t deny the accuracy of my work which is only ur lose!
So afterward we see a strong bullish wave up to the trendline showing us the bull will retest the seller as I said n my last post. In which it can be seen clearly here.
So we have a strong move up that retraced lower but made no lower low and made an inverted hs where the low is at the right shoulder that forced a range confirms what I said that no reversal will be completed without an attempt to reclaim the trend and it’s during this where traders can start to study how these things works so they can start to identify these market changes that most don’t understand to be able to know what the market will next with a high probability of success you can find this stuff and more all here within these 400 posts
If you didn’t catch the short on this pair as seen in the link , be ready to sell the highest high as we expect price to touch this heavy supply area and wick out this will be your entry signal!
Look at pervious posts below to understand more