EURUSD on M15 for a full week...

FX:EURUSD   Euro Fx/U.S. Dollar
1500 27 61
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Comment: Sorry, the 1001 pips project title for the trade was an oversight. This is my own trade
Comment: Guys... be ready for lots of adaptation and change in my trades until things settle this week
So please stay alert
Comment: I'm in the trade now risking ~15 pips
My stop is just below the last low
Trade active: Please check the new chart
This chart will no longer be updated
Are you expecting this to fall down to the buy zone before heading up?
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No buy zone for this trade
Just a retrace and a breakout wherever it happens
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MarketMonk Ichimoku_Trader
I realize this is an old idea, the reason the trade didn't work out the way you wanted it to is because you need volume action to confirm the ichimoku and the volume oscillator is red , which suggests that the market will start to range. I would wait until the price moves either up or down before buying in, or shorting. Unless you've got confirmations on a longer time frame to suggest that this is a local minimum in the direction of a given trend.
Do you think it'll keep going up on open on Monday? I have an open position and wondering whether to sell or hold
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It is very strong
So I would not exit before seeing a reason to exit
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when Tenkensen cross to kijensen i opening sell trade for touch kijensen (1.1243 )
Kind Regards
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