Deleting All Drawings Past a Certain Date

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If you ever receive the error, "You should delete drawings to improve performance", how can you bulk delete old drawings, say "All drawings older than 60 days" without manually going back into all your charts and deleting them one-by-one?

This video will show you how to quickly delete all drawings in a layout older than a certain date. Hope you enjoy it!

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Here's a quick checklist on running through your watchlist to delete all drawings older than "X" days:

  • Pull up your Layout that's giving you the performance warning
  • Click on the first symbol in your watchlist
  • Press Alt-G to bring up the GoToDate dialog
  • Select a date "x" days in the past you want to delete older items from and press Go to
  • Right-click the nearest object to that date
  • Select Object Tree from the menu
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Object Tree pane
  • Hold Shift and click the last drawing in the list
  • Right-click the highlighted section and choose Remove
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@TradingView, Once again, I'm honored... Proud to contribute to this great community!
Thank you for the detailed review!
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@UnitedSignals, Glad you liked it! I was glad to have discovered this little workaround until the TradingView Team gets around to make a "Delete all past a certain Date" function.

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