Binary Options FX Sniper Strategy

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
1. Price crosses moving average & Rejection
2. Enter short on signal
3. 1 Min Time Frame= 1 min expiry +

* Dont rely on signals / Trade what you see / Price action
*Use ma's as support = rejection

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I'm looking at this and I don't understand how you can tell the difference between rejection and no rejection.
// http://www.vdubus.co.uk/
strategy(title='Vdub FX SniperVX3 / Strategy v3', shorttitle='Vdub_FX_SniperVX3_Strategy', overlay=true, pyramiding=0, initial_capital=1000, currency=currency.USD)

//Candle body resistance Channel-----------------------------//
len = 34
src = input(close, title="Candle body resistance Channel")
out = sma(src, len)
last8h = highest(close, 13)
lastl8 = lowest(close, 13)
bearish = cross(close,out) == 1 and falling(close, 1)
bullish = cross(close,out) == 1 and rising(close, 1)
channel2=input(false, title="Bar Channel On/Off")
ul2=plot(channel2?last8h:last8h==nz(last8h)?last8h:na, color=black, linewidth=1, style=linebr, title="Candle body resistance level top", offset=0)
ll2=plot(channel2?lastl8:lastl8==nz(lastl8)?lastl8:na, color=black, linewidth=1, style=linebr, title="Candle body resistance level bottom", offset=0)
//fill(ul2, ll2, color=black, transp=95, title="Candle body resistance Channel")

//-----------------Support and Resistance
RST = input(title='Support / Resistance length:', type=integer, defval=10)
RSTT = valuewhen(high >= highest(high, RST), high, 0)
RSTB = valuewhen(low <= lowest(low, RST), low, 0)
RT2 = plot(RSTT, color=RSTT != RSTT ? na : red, linewidth=1, offset=+0)
RB2 = plot(RSTB, color=RSTB != RSTB ? na : green, linewidth=1, offset=0)

//--------------------Trend colour ema------------------------------------------------//
src0 = close, len0 = input(13, minval=1, title="EMA 1")
ema0 = ema(src0, len0)
direction = rising(ema0, 2) ? +1 : falling(ema0, 2) ? -1 : 0
plot_color = direction > 0 ? lime: direction < 0 ? red : na
plot(ema0, title="EMA", style=line, linewidth=1, color = plot_color)

//-------------------- ema 2------------------------------------------------//
src02 = close, len02 = input(21, minval=1, title="EMA 2")
ema02 = ema(src02, len02)
direction2 = rising(ema02, 2) ? +1 : falling(ema02, 2) ? -1 : 0
plot_color2 = direction2 > 0 ? lime: direction2 < 0 ? red : na
plot(ema02, title="EMA Signal 2", style=line, linewidth=1, color = plot_color2)

//=============Hull MA//
show_hma = input(false, title="Display Hull MA Set:")
hma_src = input(close, title="Hull MA's Source:")
hma_base_length = input(8, minval=1, title="Hull MA's Base Length:")
hma_length_scalar = input(5, minval=0, title="Hull MA's Length Scalar:")
hullma(src, length)=>wma(2*wma(src, length/2)-wma(src, length), round(sqrt(length)))
plot(not show_hma ? na : hullma(hma_src, hma_base_length+hma_length_scalar*6), color=black, linewidth=2, title="Hull MA")

//============ signal Generator ==================================//
ch1 = security(tickerid, Piriod, open)
ch2 = security(tickerid, Piriod, close)
longCondition = crossover(security(tickerid, Piriod, close),security(tickerid, Piriod, open))
if (longCondition)
strategy.entry("BUY", strategy.long)
shortCondition = crossunder(security(tickerid, Piriod, close),security(tickerid, Piriod, open))
if (shortCondition)

Sorry V this script is from another strategy of yours,started on this platform a week ago,saw this ,now i am not an expert like you,but I like to analise.
Wat Ive done is eliminate everything except the arrows,they give many false signals ,but what ive done is place rsi underneath with 17 period ,when arrow appears check rsi,if ob or os then arrow is more reliable but I still have to see what expiry time is best 3mins 5mins 10mins dont know will have to do more tests.
I hope im not sounding stupid.
Please forgive me people,im a newbee in all this.
+4 Reply
@RUSKY1, Hi there, did you test the best timeframe ?
Hey @vdubus is there any way to create text alerts for these buy/sell signals? I've been at for about 8 hours and I can't figure it out. Thanks!
LaughnCow ArmoredBull
wondering the same thing. Did anyone figure this out?
wyliepeter ArmoredBull
Hi, you can setup an alert on the arrow being greater than 0.01. Problem is that as stated earlier, the arrows repaint, so I have found alerts appear very frequently and can get quite annoying.
Hi Vdubus what is Moving average format ??? And link for download gonna be great.
God bless you.
+4 Reply
Can't see the script - am I being blind? :) Shout if you have a link! cheers
vdubus steven.kompakt
ye I don't know whats going on there this here is the original link
+13 Reply
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