♻️ EURUSD: mid-term analysis for 26 - 30 July.

OANDA:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
According to the current CoT reports the total market volume decreased by 1%, amounting to a cash figure of $219bn 174m.
The net outperformance of bullish positions continued to decrease. Thus, over the past week, the bulls further reduced their preponderance by a further 18%, indicating a likely continuation of the decline.
💠 Partial reduction of locked positions of investors suggests a likely unidirectional movement of the asset quotations during the new trading week.
The main scenario is a successful test of the market maker balance (1.1788) and subsequent decline with targets: hedge zone premium (1.1707) and market maker loss (1.1688).
🔥 A $71m gain in buy positions further increases the probability of reaching the market maker's lower boundary level (1.1688).
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Trade active: 💸 EURUSD: Fixing against the balance of the week will show priority. 💠 The nearest resistance level for intraday trading is the balance of the week (1.1788).
The subsequent resistance for Monday is the strike level of the hedge zone (1.1838).
🔥 In case of formation of the pattern to sell we expect the decrease with the target, the loss of the market maker (1.1688).
Trade active: ✍️ EURUSD: choosing intraday targets. 🌐 The closest support for today is the options balance of the week (1.1791).
Subsequent support for Tuesday, July 27, is the limit buyer (1.1769).
The main scenario for today is a successful test of the limit buyer and a subsequent rise with the target,- limit seller (1.1837).
Trade active: 🔥 EURUSD: balance of the week reached at the equator. ♻️ The nearest resistance for today is the sellers limit level (1.1846).
In case of a rebound from the limit seller level, we expect a decline to the balance of the week (1.1790).
🎯 The subsequent support for today is the limit buyer level (1.1781).
Trade active: ♻️ EURUSD: on the eve of an expiry, heading for a balance? 🔥 Hedger resistance zone premium level at 1.1864 is the nearest resistance for today.
In case of breakdown of the mentioned option resistance we expect upside with nearest target,- market maker's loss (1.1911).
💠 In case of rebound and holding below the market-maker's loss (1.1911) the mid-term downside target is the limiting buyer (1.1799).
Trade active: ♻️ EURUSD: on the eve of expiry, down to balance? 🔥 Limit Buy at 1.1880 is the nearest support for today.
In case a sell pattern forms near the premium level of the hedger resistance zone (1.1916) we expect a decline with the nearest target,- limit buyer (1.1880).
💠 In case of breakdown and fixation below the limit buyer (1.1880) the middle-term target of the decline will be the market maker balance level (1.1837).