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NASDAQ:EVAX   Evaxion Biotech A/S
The Biotech company Evaxion Biotech, EVAX, who develop drugs based on AI platforms, is poised to publish data from its phase 1/2a trials of EVX-01 and EVX-02 in the first half of 2021.

According to Yahoo Finance there are currently two analysts with price targets for the share, $18 and $23.

Evaxion is an AI-immunology platform company decoding the human immune system to discover and develop novel immunotherapies for cancer and infectious diseases.

Evaxion have developed an AI-immunology core technology to deeply understand the biological processes relevant for engaging the immune system aiming to harness its powers through novel immunotherapies. Evaxions scalable AI-immunology core technology enables broad applicability across diseases with immunological components. With deep insights into the biological processes of the immune system, Evaxion bridges technology, engineering expertise and drug development know-how to bring novel immunotherapies to patients.

Evaxion uses its proprietary AI-immunology platform to simulate the human immune system and generate predictive models to identify and develop unique immunotherapies and thereby revolutionizing the process of drug discovery and development.
PIONEER is Evaxions proprietary AI platform for the rapid discovery and design of patient-specific neoepitopes used to derive immuno-oncology therapies. It has been shown that neoepitopes, which arise from patient-specific tumor mutations, play a critical role in T-cell mediated antitumor immune response.

EDEN is Evaxions second AI platform that rapidly identifies novel, highly protective antigens for the use in pathogen-specific prophylactic vaccines against bacteria. EDEN has been designed to rapidly identify those antigens that will trigger a robust protective immune response against almost any bacterial infectious disease. In addition, EDEN redesigns identified antigens to optimize their antigenic and structural properties as well prepare them for production, which allow us to move antigen candidates into the clinic far faster than traditional, vaccine discovery approaches.

EDEN has been pre-clinically validated in seven different pathogens in mouse infection models, and Evaxion believes that their approach can be used to target almost any bacterial infection and rapidly enables the discovery and development of vaccine candidates.

RAVEN is Evaxions third proprietary AI platform that brings their unique, machine learning approach to vaccine design and development for viral diseases. RAVEN combines the essential AI tools from our PIONEER platform with structural bioinformatic tools from EDEN to arrive at a novel potent T- and B-cell vaccine design for emerging and mutating viral diseases.

Evaxion’ pipeline of immunotherapies addresses two of the biggest unmet medical needs worldwide – cancer and infectious diseases.
Evaxion currently has four products in their pipeline. Two in pre-clinical and two in phase 2 trials. Evaxions lead candidates are EVX-01, for the treatment of metastatic and unresectable melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, and bladder cancer; and EVX-02, for the adjuvant treatment of melanoma. EVX-01 and EVX-02 are both currently in Phase 1/2a trials, with data expected in the 1H21.
Evaxion intends to expand their current pipeline both within cancer and infectious diseases, and into other disease areas as we continue to explore new frontiers in AI-immunology.

Evaxion raised $30 million by offering 3 million ADSs at $10, the low end of the range of $10 to $12. The company offered 0.3 million more ADSs than anticipated.
Evaxion was listed on the NASDAQ on 5. february 2021.