Bank vs. Cryptocurrency #8 (EWBC)

NASDAQ:EWBC   East West Bancorp, Inc
In the world of investing happen this. A investor do not know nothing about this company because is a regional bank based in Pasadena, California.
Even me, this is the first time that I listen about ( East West Bancorp , Inc. ) and I live in other country but in my case, I am not and Investor and I not a Trader.
And for this reason I dot not have a personal bias or emotional feelings about this company. I do not publish things like (Penny Stocks).
This is a highly traded stock. Avg-Volume: 825,898 with a Market Cap: 9.725B.

And I can make my job: (I find variety of trading opportunities in the whole market based in Price Action)
I follow the Financial Industry (151 Financial Institutions) more other 9 Industries like
Health Care (134 Companies),
Technology (178 Companies),
Capital Goods (173 Companies),
and even I follow Public Utilities (32 Companies)
I have no personal preferences for any industry.
I am Not a Trader, I am Analyst and Stock Picker
Only stocks. I not publish a stock symbol twice.
Only NYSE and NASDAQ (Listed Stocks)

No comments about Technical Analysis (Only watch red arrows)