Moves to 180-200 box already ?

Exxaro has some good momentum. I'm looking to add into my position when we break and close on the other side of 180
Comment: Position

Average Entry: R153.22
Quantity: 10.20
Stop loss: R146.53

The stock is moving very well at the moment. Looked like it was breaking into the R180 - R200 box. I’m waiting for a break through R180 then I will get into my position and pull my stop loss behind me. Perhaps around R167 to start or half way through the R160 - R180 box.
Comment: Exxaro

Got stopped and had a second trigger


Everage Entry: R185.52
Quantity: 11.3
Stop loss: R168.8 (-R16.72 risk per share)
Profit/Loss if stop is hit: -R188.94 (-2.41%)

Waiting for: R184
Comment: Exxaro gapped sharply on ex div day. The dividend was quite chunky. To account for this I moved my stop lower to R123.60. The stock has held the 200d EMA since.

I’m now waiting for a close above R166 to readjust my stop loss.


Average Entry: R185.52
Quantity: 11.3
Stop loss: R143.65 (-R41.87 risk per share)
Dividends : R18.86 * 11.3 = R170.50 (adjusted for DWT)
Profit/Loss if stop is hit: -R302.63 (-4.08%) (adjusted for dividends received.)