Uh, okay, so I have zero clue what is going to happen and I didn't see this until now, but if I was trading per my style, I'd be loaded up on puts where I circled. I WOULD THEN ABOSLUTELY LOAD THE BOAT on the retouch. Potentially down to $8 and then probably calls for a short term bounce, which would have me realizing profits quickly in order to keep risk down. I would then be waiting for the next signal.

It's getting so close to crash time per multiple indicators, potentially, according to short term trend alignment which is far from an exact science, however, it shows a small pump of pretty much up to maybe $11, but wow! There is a LOT of downside showing.

Any thoughts on this?
The crash projections say Late Feb/Early March
But this market is moving faster every day, which is outpacing a lot of older traders that aren't able to adapt.

I mean, there is no question it bounces back, but.. how long, and how much, and how fast?
I think there is room to return to nearly $20.

In other words, if it's March, and the price is at 3.83, and you are hearing doom and gloom on the news. BUY CALLS. I wouldn't cover shares, I think the pace will be quite fast on the return for a lot of these stocks.

All in all, if you're still with me, the whole point I'm trying to make is this next crash is a trap, leading into a pump, which will cause "THE BIG ONE"
Trends point to next year early, but the market is fast, and you need to reanalyze in real time, meaning, it could literally happen in the next few weeks. I don't know, you don't know. We can't predict the future of stock prices, but we can use the information we see to swing the statistics in our favor for a successful trade, even if that means being patient and waiting for the right entry.

Getting really close to the make or break point at 12.90 ish. If we're pumping during earnings, I'd look short. I still hold pretty much the same opinion about auto.

NKLA is one that I've been trading recently, and I like Tesla. I like anything that collects data on a mass scale.
Upside possible from this point
Otherwise the dip will be steep.
Potential to bounce on the breakout, it can continue (technically as high as 20) up as much as it wants from this point. The more it goes up the more risk you'll take on, in my opinion. I think AUTO is in for a tough time in the coming year or two, but I could definitely be wrong, and FORD should give a better clue as to the future.
It's right on an edge where there is either more topside to come or the start of a drop into that biggest trend.

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