cybersecurity stock to watch this week FEYE

FEYE has been building a base for almost 5 months now in the form of a bullish pennant and is just beginning to break out.

The reason FEYE is different than CRWD is that they are more of a service in times of crisis than a monthly/yearly subscription to the software (although they do that as well and are involved with cloud services). They are the crisis team that comes in after a serious cyber attack or other cybercrimes to seal the leaks and right-size the ship. They were who the Colonial Pipeline called in after the serious Darkside attack and reportedly were the first to detect the SolarWinds breach. Their services will, unfortunately, be in high demand as entities like Darkside sell malware/ransomware (RaaS=Ransomware as a Service) and provide services to other hackers so that any average Joe with minimal computing experience can put the screws on any small, medium, or large company for ransom.

In other words, CRWD focuses on preventing breaches while FEYE excels in the case of a real breach that has already occurred which has become extremely prevalent as cryptocurrency provides shelter for these groups to operate at a large scale.

"The bigger the base, the higher the space"

Technical set-up is there, fundamentally it trades at a tenth of the Price/Sales of CRWD (much better value), and macroeconomically the Total Addressable Market is expanding by the day & cybersecurity/companies like Fireeye have never been so necessary.
Comment: Emerging Bullish MACD cross on the weekly chart