short term trade on FEYE

NASDAQ:FEYE   FireEye, Inc
80% of the time, gaps fill and 80% of the time the trading vehicle will revert back after filling the gap.

18% return approx: timeframe uncertain

FEYE gapped down on the good news of announcing the sale of their products business for $1.2 billion so they can focus on SaaS /cloud and a $500 million dollar share buyback program.

Funny how the market acts nowadays, AMC dilutes their shares (normally terrible news and usually results in bad price action) and it skyrockets, while FEYE announces a good business strategy while taking in cash to retire debt and focus the business AND a share buyback program all should have resulted in good price action, but its 2021, new market.

The market is a mystical beast that is constantly changing but one thing for sure is gaps fill (80% of the time).